Development Induced Displacement and Rehabilitation: A Study Navi Mumbai International Airport Project, India

Author Name

Rahul Rajak

Author Address

M.Phil in Population Studies, International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India, [email protected]


Displacement, Compensation, Rehabilitation, Land Acquisition, Project affected Person (PAPs).


Development and displacement are interlinked with each other as developmental projects sometimes lead to displacement of people. Development of Infrastructure on one hand is essential for improvement in quality of life, on other hand it is also forces may people to leave their homes. One  such project is Navi Mumbai International Airport Project India, due to which 3500 tribal families are in the process of displacement. The study is on six villages out of ten villages displaced in the Navi Mumbai Airport project. The study is descriptive in nature based on  observation and correlation. Primary data were collected through purposive sampling. Considering the time and resource constraints, 100 people were interviewed.

The study finds that people have mixed opinion on displacement. Those people in services (Formal/ Informal) see this displacement as an opportunity for the economic growth. But, farming and fishing communities have to bear the brunt of displacement as their ancestral occupation and property are lost. The villagers trust Government, that’s why they agree to leave the land and house. Therefore, it is the duty of the Government to fulfil the promise.


International Conference on Migration, Diaspora and Development
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