GIZ/ CIM Migration for Development Programme

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Richa Arora

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with GIZ India as the Advisor for Migration for Development programme [email protected]


Migration Programme


The theme Migration and Development has been increasingly attracting attention both in the research world and development cooperation actors, such as multilateral organisations and bilateral donors. In contrast to the focus earlier on immigration, which addressed the consequences of migration for the destination countries, a slight shift in focus is now observed, where in is placed on the impacts on the migrants’ countries of origin, especially developing countries. The interaction between the destination countries and the countries of origin, for instance, among their labour markets, are also being closely looked at. In this context, Centre for International Migration (CIM), an operation between German Development Cooperation (GIZ) and German Federal Employment Agency (ZAV), forms a competence centre for worldwide Labour Market mobility. CIM implements the programme Migration for Development across 25 developing countries, including India. The programme aims to facilitate the issue of brain drain by brain gain and has five focal areas of engagement: Development oriented return, Diaspora Cooperation, Business Ideas for Development, Migration Policy Advise and Migration Service Advise. In the scope of promoting knowledge transfer through returning experts from developing countries including India, CIM supports graduates and experienced professionals who return to the country of origin after their studies, training, or a term of employment in Germany, and apply their knowledge professionally back home. The reintegration of returnees is in in the spirit of development cooperation between India and Germany to make best use of the potentials of migration and address the challenge of brain drain. The programme facilitates on the one hand the placements for the returnees, and on the other provides Indian employers with the expertise not available in the local job market. Since 2010 this programme has effectively supported over 40 experts in India. We are currently supporting 16 returning experts from diverse sectors like Health, Education, Energy, and Sustainable Economic Development among others


International Conference on "Global Migration: Rethinking Skills, Knowledge and Culture"
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