Diaspora as Soft Power: A Case Study of Indian Diaspora in the US

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Kamni Kumari

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Research Scholar, pursuing Doctoral degree in Centre for Studies and Research in Diaspora, Central University of Gujarat, Sector -29, Gandhinagar - 382030, Gujarat State, India. Email ID: [email protected]


Diaspora, Soft Power, Hard Power,International Aspirations, Bilateral Relationship,Source, Agent.


Gone are the days, when powerdefined in terms of military or tangible sources only i.e.hard power. Now the concept of power defined not as hard power but also as soft power.Soft power has emerged as an important factor in the globalising world for a country to seek higher status and influence. The present paper titled, “Diaspora as Soft Power: A Case Study of Indian Diaspora in the US” is an attempt to study and analyse soft power as a foreign policy tool, and how Indian Diaspora as a soft power has played a role in the promotion of bilateral relationship between India and the US. India always prefers to go for peace and love. Although, these traits of India’s foreign policy, were earlier considered as “feminine”. Now when there is a war like situation in every part of the world, perhaps every country in the world would be admiring or some may be thinking of adopting the so-called “feminine” qualities of India.

India has some international aspirations, which can fulfill, through its cordial relationship with the US, and this relationship can become better through soft power and diaspora. The Indian Diasporic community, which is the most successful diasporic community in the US, is helping India in fulfilling its strategic objectives with the US. This success of Indian Diaspora is a kind of attraction for other countries, which further help seeking public opinion in India’s favourand help in remolding its  image. Therefore, it is of great interest to study the soft power concept and its significance in the current scenario. It also emphases on the point that Indian Diaspora in the US is not only a source of soft power, but also an agent of soft power of India and thereby making India’s Image in the US. 


International Conference on "Global Migration: Rethinking Skills, Knowledge and Culture"
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