Climate change implications on migration in Africa: A Security Analysis from Securitization Theory Perspective.

Author Name

Ishmael Adjei


Climate change , Africa, migration


The unprecedented climate change has caused a serious alarm in global migration studies. In this paper, the effect of climate change on migration is considered as a security threat in Africa. This study conceptualizes climate change as a threat without an enemy in African current and future migration issues. The threats from climate change have security implications on migration in Africa from economic, political, and social-cultural perspectives. However, there are research and policy gaps between the realities and what researchers and leaders on the continent focus on. This study aims to problematize climate migration as a collective security problem by exploring the following questions: i). what is the security implication of climate change on migration in Africa? ii) How do African states securitize climate migration, and iii) what are the social tensions and upheavals as a result of climate-related migrations in Africa and iv) how do climate threats cause peoples' movement. The paper will analyze the role of African Governments in addressing climate migration and point out the policy gaps. The study is based on a qualitative approach, and it employs both primary and secondary sources of data. Through this approach, the paper will highlight the interplays between governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, and civil society organizations in addressing challenges related to climate-induced migration. The paper will also make a critical analysis of the influence of climate change on migration decisions and policies in Africa. And, provide policy recommendations to African governments by referring to humanitarian needs and coping strategies.



4th International E-Conference “Migration, Governance, and Covid-19: Perspectives, Policies, Opportunities, and Challenges”
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