Biden Dismantling Trump´s Migration Policy

Author Name

Monica Verea


Biden, Trump, Migration Policy


Since his campaign for the US presidency, Joe Biden radically changed the narrative from an anti-immigrant one that characterized the Trump administration, towards a more humane and positive perception. He promised to dismantle the multiple restrictive and anti-immigrant actions and policies established by Trump. He proposed an ambitious agenda to reshape border policy and revamp the broken immigration system. One year and a half in his presidency, Biden has not fulfilled most of his promises and only some of them have been implemented. The significant increase in apprehensions at the border caused him to stop some of his proposals, as well as the constant pressure he has received from Republicans and the rejection of the courts for some executive actions approved by Biden.



4th International E-Conference “Migration, Governance, and Covid-19: Perspectives, Policies, Opportunities, and Challenges”
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