Economic and social policy perspectives during covid-19 pandemic in India

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Om prakash Manjhi


Economic and Social Policy


This paper is highlighted the important aspects of economic and social perspectives during covid-19 in India. The migrants who come from different states face many difficulties. This paper is discussing job, small business, and domestic expensive issues. The big questions arise during covid how the strong social system has collapsed? Human behavior suddenly changed. The money which was kept for future, gradually spend continuously and the job of the people get lost that's why the financial budget get disturbed. Both perspectives can also help to understand the social status of people who are coming from rural to urban areas. Finally, this paper also gives data on how many people return from their native place after a corona. Many internal migrants faced problems such as lack of food, basic amenities, lack of health care, economic stress, lack of transportation facilities to return to their native places, and lack of psychological support. Other hand the civil society, religious groups, and leaders, businesses man provide food, shelter, and clothes. The film star and leaders provide transport for reaching home. The govt gives relaxation for migrants and makes home isolation facilities before reaching home. During the quarantine period, govt provides food from time to time. The paper provides us with brief knowledge on how to overcome the pandemic hard time.



4th International E-Conference “Migration, Governance, and Covid-19: Perspectives, Policies, Opportunities, and Challenges”
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