Climate Change, Health Risks and Vulnerability of Humanss

Author Name

Rani Mehta


Climate Change, Health, Vulnerability


Health , in a wholistic sense , must take into account the curative, preventive , rehabilitative aspects. That is why it is necessary to analyse the socio-cultural , economic ,psychological and political aspects of health and disease, in addition to understanding their medical dimensions . Health has also been viewed as a situational concept as one may be healthy 'here' and ' now' and may not remain so ' there ' and ' then ' . This implies health needs to be conceived in a time framework and in the context of a socio- cultural or physical environment . As such , environmental interventions become crucial and have far reaching influences on the health.Climate change can influence many aspects of human health such as weather related illness and fatalities like heat strokes, direct physical threats of vector and water borne diseases as well as threats to emotional and mental well being. The vector and water borne diseases are found more in regions and populations that are poor, malnourished and lack access to sufficient and safe water affecting the pregnant women ,infants and children the most.At the same time ,acute mental stress occurs for all population groups whenever they face hurricanes , floods or wildfires due to climate change Further, climate change is also likely to affect the agriculture and natural eco systems like wetlands and fisheries influencing the food intake by humans.Thus , there is a dire need to remove health damaging socio economic conditions by replacing them with health promoting ones .



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