Cross-Border Student-Mobility: A Study Of Indian Students To USA

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Student-mobility, Global education, USA, Employment-opportunities, VISA rules.


International migration is not a new concept, but its nature, scale and scope has become intensified in the present era of globalization. With the emergence of a knowledge economy and increased technological developments, the global labour market has witnessed a rise in the demand for knowledge, skills and talents. The expansion of service-sector and the growth of IT firms and multinational companies have extended the scope of employment for skilled workers and professionals. Notably, education and employment are the two sides of the same coin. Therefore, the global exposure for education has become significant for the competitive employment-market.

India is the second largest student sending country worldwide. According to UIS, UNESCO 2014, over 189 thousand Indian students are enrolled in higher education institutions abroad. A large number of Indian students are migrating to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France and Singapore etc. The USA is the leading destination for Indian students for higher education. The latest data reveals that there are 97,120 Indian students enrolled in United States of America. Notably, the USA attracts more than fifty percent of Indian students in higher education . The US has been a traditional destination for Indian students in terms of better educational-opportunities, scholarship programmes, quality education and employment-prospects. The global exposure for education has become significant to get entry into the global employment market. Students prefer to migrate to the US for studies which could ensure them better employment-opportunities.

The present study understands the trend of international mobility of Indian studies for higher education. It also explains the importance of global exposure of higher education for employment-opportunities. It reveals the major destinations for Indian students for higher education studies. It also studies the major factors behind the mobility of Indian students to USA for higher education. It also attempts to find out the major courses in which Indian students are enrolled in USA. The study analyses the role of VISA rules of USA to attract the Indian students for higher education.


International Conference on Migration, Diaspora and Development
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