Diaspora Development and Caste: In the Doaba Region of Punjab

Author Name

Rajwant Kaur

Author Address

PhD 5 th semester, CSSS/SSS JNU, New Delhi


Punjabi diaspora, NRI, Doaba Region


Punjabi    Diaspora   spread all over the globe.  Discussion is based on the contribution of the Punjabi Diaspora on his own state Punjab in the Doaba region of Punjab.  The   Punjabi  NRI ‘s   has  a strong  emotional   attachment  with  their  native  land   and  has  played a  major  role in    changing the appearance  of the   rural Punjab  particularly  in  the  doaba .

Punjabi  community  is  a  heterogeneous community , divided  by  several  castes  and  sub  castes ,which is strongly   influenced   by the traditional Indian caste system.  This research study seeks to explore the different ways in which the Jat Sikh Diaspora,  Ravidasi Diaspora and Ramgarhia  diaspora  etc.  Influences the  Doaba  which  consists  four  districts of HoshiarPur, Nawansashar, Kapurthala and Jalandhar, is the hub of Punjabi migrants and majority of the Punjabi who migrated from this region are settled in the UK,US , Newzeland ,   Italy Australia,  gulf countries  largely  in the  English  speaking   world . It is noted that most of the literature available on this region of Punjab, highlights that development over here is due to the support of diasporic community with respect to agriculture, educational institutions religious ,  rural  infrastructure and health facilities. The continuity of caste has however remained a moot issue and this aspect of caste has always been ignored. The Diaspora also reinforces division of the Punjabi community into various caste subgroups such as (Jat Sikh, Ramdasia Sikh, Valmiki Sikh, Ravidasia Sikh etc.) in India as well as in the other countries and it still continues to gain an increased consciousness among the Punjabis. This research will examine how the social and cultural resources of the Diaspora together with their  investments through their  remittances in the development of the Doaba  actually increases caste consciousness and continues the caste hierarchy in Punjabi society.


International Conference on Migration, Diaspora and Development
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