2nd Symposium: Food, Memory & Identity in Greece & in the Diaspora


This conference seeks to address questions surrounding Greek food, drink, foodways, cuisines and recipes and their relationship with identity (individual, class, group, regional, ethnic, national etc) and memory through the ages.

The symposium will be hosted in Amari (Rethymnon / Crete) on 20, 21 July 2013.

We welcome original contributions from scholars and professionals in the fields of humanities and social sciences (such as archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, anthropology, sociology, history, crosscultural studies, education, ethics, women studies, literature, philology and so on), ethnobotanologists, artists, activists, food practitioners.

Possibilities for announcements, posters, visual exhibitions and interactive sessions include (but are not limited to).

  • Food choices and identity in the ancient Greek and Byzantine world.
  • Relationships between dietary restrictions and identity in the Greek world.
  • Relationships between food, food and culinary practices, identity, gender and generation.
  • Gender, ethnicity and food consuming practices.
  • The role of food and eating habits in the Greek family structures.
  • The role of food, cooking and eating in Greek diasporic cultures and how is used in the processes of identity.
  • The cultural role of food and eating among immigrants and subsequent generations of immigrants in Greece.
  • Food-centered cultural histories of immigrants.
  • Food as a means of cultural transmission.
  • Cross-cultural exchanges and identity.
  • Cooking and eating as a means of connection or distinction.
  • Local food vs “foreigner”: a criterion for the formation of identity.
  • Greek food as a source of conflict.
  • Food symbols and codes.
  • Culinary nostalgia.
  • Place, culinary memory and identity.
  • Culinary memories and social life.
  • Relationships between authenticity and nationalism.
  • National culinary identity and the invention of tradition.
  • Locality as a modern food identity.
  • Cookbooks~ individual, social and national identity.
  • The role of food ‘professionals’ and food industry in shaping identity, reshaping culinary traditions or changing food images.
  • Cuisine and commerce and how commerce interrelates with identity.
  • Valuing regional identity and culinary heritage.
  • Ethnic or regional food practices and “healthy eating” system.
  • Food, foodways, memory and identity in literature, popular culture and media.http://greekgastronomy.wordpress.com/

Time and Place:

Date:   Saturday, Jul 20, 2013
Venue:   Amari, Rethymnon / Crete, Greece
Address:   Mariana Kavroulaki, founder and co-organizer / Historical, Folklore and Archaeological Society of Crete, co-organizer. Amari, Rethymnon / Crete, Greece
City/Twon:   Greece
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