Strangers in the New Homelands


The Faculty of Social Work
In collaboration with
The Department of Sociology, University of Manitoba
The 6th Annual Conference on the Social Reconstructing of “Home” 
Among Immigrants in the Diaspora
Thursday October 17, & Friday October 18, 2013
Senate Chambers, Engineering Building, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Building upon the success of our previous conferences, we are excited to announce the sixth annual conference ON immigration and settlement. The Conference will bring together researchers, academics, graduate students, NGOs, government representatives, policy makers and other stakeholders from around the world to promote exchange and discussion on aspects of the integration and settlement processes of new immigrants and refugees in the diaspora. The focus will be on the emotional and social deconstruction and reconstruction of the concept of “Home” among these immigrants. 
The conference will feature keynote and plenary speeches from policy makers, workshops and presentations from researchers, front-line settlement and integration workers in the field.
The main theme for the 2013 Conference is: 
Pathways and Roadblocks to Settlement and Citizenship in New Homelands:
Exploring Critical issues on Migration, Integration and Adaptation of New Comers in Host Societies
Presentations, papers, workshops, and pre-formed panels are invited on any of the following subthemes:
  1. Narrowing the welcoming’ doors: Examination of on-going immigration policies of Western countries aimed at stemming the entry of immigrants.
  2. Footprints of Diasporan Communities on Host Societies: Examining the impact of migrant communities on receiving countries
  3. Overcoming Stereotypes, Discrimination and Prejudice: Promoting Intercultural Understanding and conflict resolution of Newcomers with Host Societies. 
  4. Newcomer youth and the Educational systems in Host Societies: Challenges in Integration and Adaptation
  5. Violence and Conflicts within Immigrant Families and Communities: Taking a critical look at contributing stressors and solutions
  6. Easing the Labour Market Integration of New Immigrants in Host societies: Myth or reality?
  7. Negotiating Multiple Marginalized Identities: Acculturation Struggles and Experiences in New Societies of:
  • -children and youth
  • -women
  • -elderly people
  • -persons with disabilities
  • -religious minorities
  • -LGBTTQ groups
Please submit:
1. a maximum 250 word abstract of your paper, workshop or panel proposal
2. a biographic description of yourself and other authors (no more than 10 lines) in Word format to:
Dr. Michael Baffoe, Conference Chair, 500B Tier Building, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3T 2N2, Phone: 204 474-9682, Fax: 204-474-7594
The deadline for submitting abstracts is:
May 31, 2013
For Registration and other Information please visit the Conference 
website at:

Time and Place:

Date:   Thursday, Oct 17, 2013
Venue:   Senate Chambers, Engineering Building, University of Manitoba
Address:   Senate Chambers, Engineering Building, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
City/Twon:   Manitoba, Canada
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