This conference will explore questions of education, culture, and identity in an international context drawing experts from different academic fields. Therefore, the researchers will be provided with an opportunity to exchange views, experiences, findings and review knowledge related to culture, ethnicity and identity from interdisciplinary perspectives. Considering the fact that Bosnia-Herzegovina is post-conflict country where questions related to education, culture, and identity is still being debated this conference would provide recommendations of how multicultural and multiethnic societies and countries could resolve such outstanding challenges. The conference is especially relevant for local and international experts from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Content Areas:

• Higher education in post-conflict societies
• Diversity management and multiculturalism
• Education and technology
• Multicultural education
• Political culture, violence and peace,
• Conflicting national identities and conflict resolution,
• History, memory, culture and politics,
• Ethnicity and cultural identity,
• Multiculturalism and social cohesion
• Culture, minorities and identities
• Diaspora and the politics of belonging
• Comparative and contemporary literature
• Literature, culture, ethnicity and identity
• Post-colonialism, nationalism and modernism
• Gender, culture and ethnicity
• Minority identity and representation
• Media, communication design and fashion
• Social media, social change and civic participation
• The art and politics of cinema
• Art and cultural heritage
• Identity and Social Psychology

Conference Deadlines:
Submission of Abstracts April 1, 2013 
Notification of Abstract Acceptance April 19, 2013
Registration Ends May 17, 2013
Conference Date July 6-8, 2013


Time and Place:

Date:   Saturday, Jul 06, 2013
Venue:   Ilidza, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address:   International University of Sarajevo Hrasnicka cesta No.15 71210, Ilidza, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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