COVID-19: Issues and Challenges of Migrant and Diaspora Communities

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COVID 19: Issues and challenges of migrant and diaspora communities


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COVID 19 and the movement of people have a very close relation. In fact the Pandemic became global as a result of the movement of the people. As of 26 April 2020, 2.9 million infected, 200,000 deaths and 837,000 recovered cases of COVID-19 were reported from worldwide.  In such a high concentration rate, the pathogenic disease has become a serious and unprecedented challenge for every aspects of life, including the migrant and diaspora issues. Argument regarding the migrants and diaspora are mostly reflected in relation to their condition of survival. The increase in cases of COVID 19 has brought a halt to major part of the economy. According the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) global economy growth is seen falling to 2.4 percent whole year compared to an already weak 2.9 percent in 2019. It noted that the global economy is estimated to rise to a modest 3.3 percent in the year 2021. However, in its report the WTO mentioned the expected recovery in 2021 is equally uncertain. All these have resulted in creating deep anxiety for millions who have lost their job.  


The COVID 19 has not only changed the course of migration drastically but also it have made the migration experience more vulnerable in the future. Many countries now have substantial number of Migrants and diasporas who not only contribute to their national economy but global economy as well. Against this backdrop this panel discussion will explore the followings:


  1. How is the experience of immigrant or diaspora communities in various countries since the outbreak of COVID 19?
  2. What are the best policy measures in any country relating to the immigrant and diaspora communities?
  3. What are the future options for global migration?
  4. What is the experience of Indian diaspora in major destination countries such as Gulf, USA etc.
  5. What ways this entire change affect the migration and diaspora research?
  6. When we talk about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030), what are the possible roadmaps for it? COVID 19 has adversely affected the migration experience in a great way.



The Team of Experts represent various disciplinary background and from different countries. Therefore we try to give a more nuanced understanding of the entire issue.

Time and Place:

Date:   Friday, May 01, 2020
Venue:   Virtual Panel
Address:   New Delhi
City/Twon:   New Delhi
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