Round 2: Migration, COVID-19 and a New Social Contract

People’s Migration Challenge:


Migration, COVID-19 and a New Social Contract

01 June 2021 (Tuesday)

3PM - 4:30PM CEST


Mr. Apolinar “Dong” Z. Tolentino Jr
Regional Representative, BWI Asia Pacific Region
Organised by

Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA), the Cross-Regional Center for Refugees and Migrants (CCRM), the Global Research Forum on Diaspora and Transnationalism (GRFDT), the Civil Society Action CommitteeAlianza Americas, the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM), and the Climate Migration & Displacement Platform (CMDP)







Time and Place:

Date:   Tuesday, Jun 01, 2021
Venue:   zoom
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