Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement (IDRE)

Affiliation:   Simon Fraser University

Brief Profile:   The Institute’s primary purpose is to be an internationally recognized institute that integrates leading- edge interdisciplinary research on diaspora with innovative, responsive programming and collaborative dialogue, exchange and partnership with the wider community. The Institute’s activities are primarily intended to forge closer links between scholarly research and policy/practice – such that the knowledge gained from research helps inform policy and practice, and the latter helps inform research. The premise is that university-based researchers have as much to learn from practitioners and policymakers as the latter have to learn from researchers; and that these exchanges could in turn inform the work of future actors. The Institute will serve as a node where academic researchers, students, diasporic community leaders and groups, government officials, leaders in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, and others exchange knowledge and resources.

Contact Address:   James Busumtwi-Sam Chair, Department of Political Science Chair, Senate Committee on International Activities (SCIA) BA (Ghana), MA (Brock),
PhD (Tor) Tel: 778.782.3729


E-mail id:   [email protected]

Contact No:   

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