Association of Kenyans Abroad (AKA)

Affiliation:   Association of Kenyans Abroad (AKA)

Brief Profile:   The Kenyan Community Abroad (KCA) is a socio-political, non-partisan organization which is registered in Washington, D.C. and Rhode Island state in the USA. It is composed primarily of Kenyans living outside Kenya. KCA was founded in March 1997 with a view to giving Kenyans abroad a platform on which to exchange views and help bring change back home. KCA seeks to facilitate the establishment of Chapters in locations around the world where there is a significant Kenyan presence. Among the stated objectives are to: ?? Provide a forum where people of Kenya who reside abroad can engage in intelligent discourse on economic, political and social issues that affect Kenyans abroad and home; ?? Fight for transparency and accountability in the Kenya government; ?? Facilitate the dissemination of important policy decisions to the Kenya citizenry; ?? Campaign for the rule of law and democratic governance in Kenya and campaign for a modern civil society based on equality before the rule of

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