Centre for Indian Diaspora and Cultural Studies

Affiliation:   Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan384 265 (North Gujarat) INDIA

Brief Profile:   The centre is undertaking research on different aspects of the Diaspora i.e., economic, political, social. The centre is actively analyzing the reasons for the success of the Gujarati Diaspora and inspiring the local population to study the Diaspora. The centre will be inviting students from the countries in which the Indian Diaspora has flourished and will be imparting to them knowledge about Indian civilization, culture and philosophy. The centre also proposes to establish a language laboratory to provide linguistic training to the prospective emigrants. The centre proposes to offer undergraduate students from foreign universities as well as from within the country for courses on the study of the various components of Indian Diaspora. The centre has already introduced M.Phil. programme in Indian Diaspora and Cultural Studies and proposes to offer post graduate courses on Indian Diaspora. The centre also proposes to conduct exchange programmes for academicians, writers and pe

Contact Address:   Centre for Indian Diaspora and Cultural Studies Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan Tel : + 91-2766 - 230427, 230456, 220932 Fax : + 91-2766-231917, 233645

WebSite:   http://www.ngu.ac.in/center/dias/index.htm

E-mail id:   [email protected]

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