African and African Diaspora Studies Programme

Affiliation:   Boston College

Brief Profile:   The African and African Diaspora Studies Program at Boston College, originally called the Black Studies Program, began in 1969-1970 along side BC’s “Black Talent Program,” two parts of an effort to recruit talented Black students from across the country to study at this university. Currently, AADS offers over 40 courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences, enrolling more than 1200 students each year. Its mission is to introduce histories, cultures, and experiences of African descended peoples to the widest range of students; to support serious academic research on Africa and the African Diaspora; to give African descended students and their peers opportunities to examine the depth and breadth of African legacies on this continent and in all parts of our world; to link local Black communities more closely with BC; and to project the significance of realities of people of African descent to the intellectual life of BC and larger communities.

Contact Address:   301 Lyons Hall, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 02467, (617) 552-3238 Dr. Rhonda Frederick, Director (617) 552-3717 email: [email protected] Richard Paul, Program Specialist (617) 552-3238 email: [email protected]


E-mail id:   [email protected]

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