Gujarat Studies Association (GSA)

Affiliation:   Gujarat Studies Association (GSA)

Brief Profile:   The Gujarat Studies Association (GSA), established in 2005, is an academic network aimed specifically at the study and research of Gujarat and Gujaratis. The Gujarat Studies Association was co-founded by Dr. Anjoom Mukadam and Dr. Sharmina Mawani in May 2005 and is supported by Mr. Alnoor Visram who is a member of the Executive Board. GSA’s Patron is Lord Professor Bhikhu Parekh and the GSA Advisory Board include: Professor Raymond Williams (Wabash College), Professor Christopher Shackle (SOAS), Professor Itesh Sachdev (SOAS), Professor Azim Nanji (Stanford) and Professor Rachel Dwyer (SOAS). The objectives of GSA are: 1) To advance the education of the public regarding the Gujarati language and culture 2) To promote racial harmony and promote good race relations between persons from different racial groups

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