Irish Centre for Migration Studies

Affiliation:   National University of Ireland, Cork

Brief Profile:   The Irish Centre for Migration Studies promotes the study of historical and contemporary migration, to and from Ireland, within a comparative international framework, using new information and communication technologies It aims to be the primary resource centre for migration studies in Ireland. Objectives The Centre will investigate worldwide Irish migrant experiences and conditions in the late twentieth century; the implications of the growing rate of immigration into Ireland for Irish identity, culture and society; and the policy implications of these various developments. The Centre will engage, in cooperation with other centres, in the detailed historical reconstruction of the diversity of Irish migration experiences The Centre will develop databases in various aspects of Irish migration studies and will use new technologies to facilitate access to such databases by a world-wide community of scholars, the interested public and other relevant bodies inside and outside Ireland.

Contact Address:   Migration Studies Department of Geography National University of Ireland, Cork Western Road, Cork, Ireland telephone +353-21-4902889 fax +353-21-4903326 email: [email protected]


E-mail id:   [email protected]

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