All countries benefit from migration. Xenophobic attitude that is emerging in many parts of the globe is dangerous: Dr. Melissa Tandiwe Myambo

The middle class across the globe have similar life style across the urban scape be it in Mumbai, Durban or New York, says Dr. Melissa Tandiwe Myambo to Dr. Rajneesh K Gupta in an Interview

Dr. Rajneesh K Gupta (RKG): you have been travelling in many countries. While comparing different countries engaging their diasporas, do you think Indian government is late comer in engaging Diaspora?

Dr. Melissa Tandiwe Myambo (MTM): I think Indian Government is very forward and aggressive in engaging Diaspora. Though African government started it early, yet they have not carry forward the policies. Indian and Chinese government have carried their Diaspora policy consistently and forward. All countries benefit from migration. Unfortunately, with Donald Trump in the scene, there is Xenphobia which is very dangerous. The US economy cannot function without Mexicans, same with India without Bangladeshi migrants. We must look forward.

RKG: What impact reverse migration can bring to the motherland? They are also creating certain problem of adjustment back home. What solution do you recommend?

MTM: Migrants who are coming from more developed countries to less developed countries is very small. Although they are very small, they are very important. Returned migrants need to adjust with the mother country, but we are already in a globalised world. People in the mother country have also changed over the time. We have seen massive change in urban scape with the globalisation. The middle class across the globe have similar life style across the urban scape be it in Mumbai, Durban or New York. They can have Starbuck coffee and other life style needs everywhere in the world. These return migrants usually prefer urban areas.

RKG: You have travelled three parts of world: Africa, America and Asia. What is the policy of the Government towards the migrants and the attitude of local people? Which continent is more forward?

MTM: I don‟t dare to do that comparison. Many governments are proactive in influencing local people positively. Sometimes they prefer populism and nativism that often create problem. Government should educate the native people on this issue. This is up to the Government to speak in favour or against. Few incidents of African students have been killed. Within India, Africans suffers a great deal of racism. Unfortunately, Indians are very coloured conscious, the darker one being the worst. This is peculiar. We cannot have this in 21st century...

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Interview Date:   Monday, May 01, 2017
Person Name:   Dr. Melissa Tandiwe Myambo

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