Russia has been the main destination for Kyrgyzstan migrant due to same language and also no Visa requirement

Russia has been the main destination for Kyrgyzstan migrant due to same language and also no Visa requirement

Dr. Nurlan Atabaeva (NA) and Dr. Gulnaz Atabaeva (GA) both work at Nargiza Alymkulova International Ataturk Alatoo University. Their work is on the impact of Remittances on Kyrgyzstan. They have shared some of their thoughts and research findings on the Issues and Impact of Remittances in the country's economy and society with Sadananda Sahoo (SS).

SS: Gulnaz? Can you tell me what the impact of International migration on your country in general is?

GA: Well, migration in our country has a significant impact on both social and economic development. Since we are researching the investigated effect of remittances on economic growth, we can say that money sent back home from labour migrant plays an essential role because it makes up1/3rd of our GDP. It has both positive as well as a negative impact if we say in terms of positive, it increases consumption. Our assumption also increases our deficit or income share increases; it affects economic growth; money flows out of the country investments. It also increases dependency.

SS: But don't you think this remittance base economy is very problematic? Because you don't have a sustainable economy and the second thing is, what is the impact of this remittance on women, especially? Their husbands are not there at home. How they make use of this remittance? And what is their social and economic impact show my being a woman?

GA: Yes, it has its impact on the woman as well, when husband migrates abroad women become managers. Women manage to spend the money on their children for their education and expenses for medical expenses, and they become get empowerment; of course, in that sense,a woman plays an essential role in this money.

SS: So why do they prefer only Russia and not other countries?

NA: Because for Russia, we don't need a visa. Secondly, language is the very Russian language because we have studied and we have TV, and we have got an education in the Russian language. That's why makes for us we easier to get the job in Russia in when the oil prices going up in Russia as the world's fail the Russian people is going up that's why there is to have

SS: So do you have in-migration? Immigration to your country?

NA: Yes, mostly from selected ethnic communities from the neighbour countries like Uzbekistan and the Kazakistan form Afghanistan service, pain control country. Life is much easier than

SS: So I have another question, especially on conflict. Today many countries have conflict. They don't consider migrant people are part of society

GA: Over Russia, they can be confronted with such problems is such a secret human migrants like the diaspora. Yes is such an organization for one common interest, for example, to their Right working conditions, which as well. But anyway, as many developing countries face our country.

SS: How you think the future of migration globally or you can see the scenario emerging in your country and globalization?

NA: Yeah, globalization scenario for the next five years. So the next 50 years, significantly increased because of the globalization because of the integration because of the technology and because of the air transport and other stuff, it will be more comfortable and because of that massive gap between the countries of the developed and developing countries and the these needs to be somehow regulated as the others say it's a visible Ready to somehow to control me by the tyranny of Adam Smith, the globalization of immigration will increase and will be one of their for some countries they will it will be like a problematic issue for some countries it will be the solving

SS: We had a one-time brain drain problem. We are talking about the sufferings of so many people who migrated. So, that should have been a big issue in India because you lose lots of brainpower, so such is the basis in your country also was?

GA: As mentioned at the beginning of integration was post Soviet system. For example, Russian, many Russian people settled in Kyrgyzstan because as Soviet Union collapsed. Many Russian doctors engineers skilled workers went back to their home to Russia too. Most migration happened due to unemployment from less income to high income countries.

SS: Thank you, Gulnaz and Nurlan, for sharing very, very, very good ideas on the topuc like this.

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Interview Date:   Sunday, Nov 27, 2016
Person Name:   Dr. Nurlan Atabaeva

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