Journal of Transnational American Studies (JTAS)

Type:   Journal

Focus Area:   Transnationalism

Brief Description:   Journal of Transnational American Studies (JTAS) is a peer-reviewed online journal that seeks to broaden the interdisciplinary study of American cultures in transnational contexts. JTAS functions as an open-access forum for Americanists in the global academic community, where scholars are increasingly interrogating borders both within and outside the nation and focusing on the multiple intersections and exchanges that flow across those borders. JTAS is a new critical conduit that seeks to bring

Affiliation:   Department of English / 2607 South Hall University of California,

Address for Communication:   Journal of Transnational American Studies American Cultures and Global Contexts Center Department of English / 2607 South Hall University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3170 jtas.editor [at] Phone number: (805)


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