Diaspora Studies

Type:   Journal

Focus Area:   Diaspora, South Asian Diaspora, Transnationalism, Emigration, Immigration, Culture, ology - Soc Sciences, Area Studies; Asian Politics; Asian Studies; Cultural Studies; Diaspora Studies; Humanities; International Relations; Migration & Diaspora

Brief Description:   Diaspora Studies is the biannual, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, academic journal of the Organisation for Diaspora Initiatives (ODI). It is a journal dedicated to multidisciplinary research, study and writing on the history, culture, social structure, politics, and economics of both traditional diasporas and new transnational migrants. Besides other issues pertaining to diasporas and transnationalism, the journal wants to focus more specifically on diasporas as resources for both home and hos

Affiliation:   ODI and Routledge

Address for Communication:   See weblink

Weblinks:   http://www.tandfonline.com/action/aboutThisJournal?journalCode=rdst20#.UZ-iD6JHIXM

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