Generations passed, Nepali Migrants in Delhi are still struggling: Rashmi Sheila

Published Date:   Sunday, Feb 21, 2016

Delhi is the place where migrants and refugees from many other countries live. However, the upward mobility among them is still a distant dream. Rashmi Sheila in her paper “Nepali Migrants in India”, which she presented at the International conference on “Migration, Diaspora and Development” organised by GRFDT, held during 20-21 February 2016 highlighted some of important socio-economic issues confronted by Nepali migrants in Delhi. She mentioned that those who have been living in India for the last few decades are confused about their own identity- Neplali or Indian. She highlighted that discrimination against the Nepali by the local people has been in practices and still continue. Nepalis are socially stigmatized. She found that any kind of mischief committed by any Nepali draw stringent punishment by the local people. The law enforcing agency treat them not in a good sprit. According to her field study she found that Nepalis of the third generation are happy to live and die in Delhi. They do not want to go back to their Homeland. However they have emotional attachment with the family members and friends left behind yet they are firm and steadfast to lead the rest of the life in Delhi, India. She also found that the economic conditions of the Nepali is pathetic. Informants told her that they are unable to send money back to their country since the amount they earn is not sufficient even to make both ends meet. She also found that the majority of the migrant Nepalis are engaged in household chores or security services. 

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