Social engineering is an important tool for development of poor people in Malaysia: Prof. Mansoor Mohammad Noor

Published Date:   Sunday, May 29, 2016

Speaking at the Book launch A book launch and seminar held on 28th May, 2016,  at India International Centre, New Delhi, organized by GRFDT in association with Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA) and National University of Malaysia, Prof. Mansoor Mohammad Noor, Head, Ethnic and Workplace Cluster Institute of Ethnic Relations, National University of Malaysia has talked about the socio-cultural dynamics of Malaysia. Though Malaysia successfully addressed poverty issue in general, he however caution the rise of urban poverty in recent years. He argued about the role of social engineering in the development of poor people. At present, bad governance, corruption, poverty, unemployment, abuse of immigrants etc are the major concerns among citizens of Malaysia. Despite having huge investments on welfare, the role of NGOs and welfare bodies are critical in reducing poverty and unemployment among Malaysian Indians.

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