Home Connection: KIP for 600 Diaspora Youths so far

Published Date:   Saturday, Aug 25, 2012


The 19th Know India Programme (KIP) held from 21.12.2011 to 10.01.2012, thirty seven overseas youths of Indian origin from 10 countries including Mauritius, Malaysia, South Africa, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Israel and Australia paticipated. Know India Progamme is organized with the objective of familiarizing Indian Diaspora youth with the developments made by the country and bringing them close to the land of their ancestors. The KIP is a highly successful programme run by the Ministry and it attracts a large number of overseas youths to participate in it. Wide publicity is given to this programme through Indian Missions/Posts abroad as well as through the local media to enable overseas Indian youths to apply for the same. Nearly 600 overseas youths have participated in this programme so far.


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