The Danish Institute of International Studies releases report on Diaspora

Published Date:   Friday, Oct 05, 2012


The Danish Institute of International Studies released a report titled “Diaspora Groups and Development in Fragile Situations: Lessons Learnt” authored by Nauja Kleist and Ida Vammen  in 2012. The report contained certain recommendations which countries could take as to how diaspora community resources could be better used in the development of local societies, with a critical look at the existing processes. Particularly with respect to the use of Remittances and Diaspora Groups, the report called for a risk adjusted regulation approach to remittance flows to strike the right balance between regulation and free flow and the role diaspora organisations could play in facilitating various activities related to diaspora resource allocation. The detailed 84 page report will no doubt be an important document when governments decide policy matters concerning diaspora.


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