Indian and Nigerian Diasporas can learn from each other, Abike D. Erewa

Published Date:   Tuesday, Jan 08, 2013

The second day Pravasi Bharatiya Divas had a plenary session on Heritage and Diaspora chaired by Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Government of India in which the speakers shared their ideas on how heritage, the legacy of culture and civilisation binds people of Indian origin across various geographies. There was comparative perspectives on how different diasporas can learn from each other. The session explored diverse elements of Indian heritage and values, including traditional knowledge, and their cultural relevance. 

Speaking on the theme Ms. Abike D. Erewa, Chairperson of the Nigerian House of Representatives Committee mentioned that through their diaspora, countries can galvanise better relation with countries they reside. This can happen through forging collaborations and cooperation.   This is the second time she attended the PBD and she mentioned that there is a lot more to learn from Indian diaspora. Diasporas also can learn best practices from each other. 
She mentioned that India and Nigeria are facing peoblems like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy in which diaspora can play crucial role. Diaspora cannot forget its source and there is always scope for diaspora to constructively engage with the home country. She mentioned that both Indian and Nigerian diaspora need to collaborate to create a knowledge platform where they can play a better role globally as well as in the home country.
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