Institutionalisation of Diaspora efforts is necessary for sustainable development of South Asia, Ambassador Gopinath Pilai

Published Date:   Tuesday, Jan 08, 2013

Speaking in the plenary session on "Heritage and Diaspora" in the 11th PBD celebration at Kochin, Mr. Gopinath Pillai, Ambassador-at-Large, Singapore mentioned that there is an urgent need for institutionalisation in order to harness the best from the diaspora for the developement of South Asia. Mr. Pillai mentioned that there are several scattered efforts by the diasporas but many of them becomes meaningless overtime as there is no continuity. 

He mentioned that Indian diaspora is the largest provider of labour to the entire globe. However, he lamented that most of them do not earn proper income as they have low level of skills and do menial jobs. He said there is a need for better training for enhancing skills so that many of them can earn better income and contribute better. 

He highlighted the need for better cooperation among South Asian diaspora to share knowledge so that they can bring economic integration in South Asian coutries and provide peace and harmony in the region. The suspicious, lack of trust and non -cooperation among South Asian countries are biggest challenge today. Diasporas from South Asia donot have such problem. They interact freeely and share commonality. Diaspora can integrate them and bring capital, tachnology and human resources which bring positive changes in the region.

He mentioned that India and PBD can play a greater role in this regards. He also shared  that Singapore is going to host a diaspora convention soon and bring together diasporas across the globe to share the possibilities.


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