The youths in India and Indian diaspora should come together to bring social change and justice, Ms. Ruby Dhalla

Published Date:   Tuesday, Jan 08, 2013


The second day Pravasi Bharatiya Divas had a Plenary session on "Engaging Young Overseas Indians".  The session brought together young achievers from various fields who shared their ideas and strategies on how to create platforms to engage the young achievers in India with 'Pravasi' youth.
Speaking on the occassion, Mr. Ruby Dhalla,  a Canadian politician, who is considered the first Indian diaspora women to be elected as a parliamentarian in western world, said that "Indians have succeded in every corner in the world". Indians have succeded in the field of politics, business, entertainment and varied other areas, she mentioned.
Quoting Dr. Manmohan Singh, Ms Dhalla said "the greatest capital that the India has is human capital".  She said that the future of India is going to be very big as it has a huge young population below 35 years. However, the real challenge is related to provide social justice. She mentioned that the social justice is at stake as there are problems like illiteracy, rapes etc. She called for the collaboration between  youths in diaspora and India to bring social change and promote social justice.
She lauded the initiatives taken by the Prime Minister in constituting "Global Advisory Council" which will help the young achievers to contribute better. India Govenment also successully initiated "Know India Programme" (KIP) to engage the youths in the diaspora.
She said that the diaspora youths should come to the small towns and rural India for two weeks and contribute and help their people in India. She also explored how social media can be used for mentorship and transferring talents and skills to the young Indians. "Imagine the the future of India that can be changed in a big way with the skills and talents of the young India people below 35 years". "The time has come now to bring the young Indians in India and Diaspora together" she mentioned.
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