Prime Minister of India emphasises on deepening Diaspora Relations

Published Date:   Tuesday, Jan 08, 2013


In the second day of three day Pravasi Bharatiya Divas from 7-9 January 2013 at Kochi, Kerala, Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India emphasized the need for deeper relation with diaspora and how the government is keen to promote such relations. He lauded the contribution of diaspora towards Indians development interms of independence movement, democracy and economic growth. “Over the ages, the relationship between Pravasis and Bharat has taken many forms. One of its most glorious manifestations has been their contribution to India’s independence movement. Nearly a hundred years ago, almost to this day, Mahatma Gandhi returned to lead a nation’s march to freedom. This year, we are celebrating the centenary of the Gadar Movement, which was a luminous spark of support in distant California for the struggle for independence being waged at home in our country”, he mentioned.

Dr. Singh also emphasized the continuing links between India and her diaspora especially with the second and third generation diaspora. “Regardless of whether they are successful professionals, traders and entrepreneurs, or second generation Indians, comfortably reconciling their two identities, or workers toiling hard to build a future for their families, they are at all times a most effective window for the world to India’s heritage and its progress”.

Over the years the Government of India has taken several initiatives towards diaspora. Dr. Singh mentioned that the mother country India has not only taken steps to ensure physical safety but also tries her best for social and emotional well-being of our overseas brethren. In this regards he mentioned that “We have therefore launched an insurance scheme for workers, established welfare funds in our embassies for distressed Indians, and created mechanisms to help vulnerable women abroad. This protection and promotion of the rights and interests of Indian businesses, professionals and workers abroad is also a key task for our Missions in various countries. Our Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements and Social Security Agreements with a number of countries play an important role in this regard” he added.

Dr Singh also highlighted the larger issues of the governance and challgnes faced by Indian today. He sought diasporas cooperation in overcoming many hurdles.


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