Global call for youths to participate in UN World Youth Report

Published Date:   Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013


Harnessing the youth potential is one of the key challenges for the development in 21st century public policy not only at the national level but also at the global level. In recent years UN has taken keen interest on youths and how to engage them in the development process. The United Nations Organisation is preparing World Youth Report (WYR) 2013 on “Experiences of youth when preparing to migration". WYR will offer a multidimensional account and/or perspective of the life experiences of young migrants and young people affected by migration. The report will be prepared with the inputs collected from youths across the globe through interactive media- social media, blogs and migrant networks. It will commence from 23rd January 2013 for a period of four weeks.

The Population Division of DESA estimated that there are  27 million international migrants aged 15 to 24, constituting about one-eighth of the global migrant stock of 214 million in mid 2010.  “We need to listen to what youth have to say about their migration experiences or how migration affects their human development. The World Youth Report which is expected to be launched on International Youth Day, 12 August 2013, will offer youth, youth-led organizations, policymakers and the general public , youthful perspectives that could influence the development potential of migration for young people while mitigating risks. The report will highlight the “voices of youth” on the opportunities and challenges migration presents in origin, transit, and destination countries under various types of migration – regular, involuntary and undocumented.,” said Daniela Bas, Director of the Division for Social Policy and Development of Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). His statement assume importance given the size of the youth population and the development challenges across the globe.

For the first time so much measures are taken to engage youth themselves in the policy making process. The e-consultation and online surveys are employed to take the inputs from youths especially youths aged 15-35 years. Those who do not have access to internet facilities can be made to participate through migrant network and other convenient platforms.

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