Women feel themselves more autonomous in the region affected by migration: Atinder Pal Kaur

Published Date:   Sunday, Feb 21, 2016

Certain regions are severely affected by out migration, mostly international migration. The family culture and gender roles changes over time due to the long absence of the male members in the family. In the recently concluded international conference on “Migration, Diaspora and Development” during 20-21 February at India International Centre, New Delhi organised by GRFDT, researcher Atinder Pal Kaur Brought out some interesting facts based on her study titled “Migration and Changing Gender Roles: Study of left behind women in Rural Punjab”. She mentioned that there was a shift from conservative societies in to more open societies in the Doaba region of Punjab. Women feel themselves more autonomous, free and self-independent with respect to family decision. The women acted as the head of the household and are taking most of the family decisions in the absence of the male members of the family. However, she also told that “patriarchal norms” and male dominancy still exist among Punjabi society.

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