Diksha Jha participated in Workshop at University of Oslo

Published Date:   Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Diksha Jha participated in an international workshop “Welfare Regimes in Asia and Scandinavia in Comparative Perspective: Changes and Challenges” at the University of Oslo from 9 May to 13 May 2016. This workshop, held over a period of five days was of immense significance to doctoral students like me, working on state regimes, welfare, citizenship rights, movements as it involved scholarly readings on above mentioned themes and presentations by renowned international scholars in the field of social democracy, welfare state, labour from Asia and Scandinavia. This workshop aimed at comprehensive survey, based on comparative materials, of models of welfare from Scandinavia to South Africa, and India to South Korea. In addition to studying welfare state models from across the world, another core issue of this workshop was the emergence of unified counter movements in the Global South.
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