Lack of Modernisation in Agriculture pushes people to migrate in India: Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi

Published Date:   Thursday, Sep 01, 2016

The Round Table Discussion on Mainstreaming Migration organised by ILO, FICCI, IOM at FICCI Federation House, New Delhi on 30 August 2016 has brought together stakeholders from industry, NGO, Government and Academics to discuss on the issue of migration vis a vis 2030 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Agenda. Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi, who gave his opening remark in the event, has highlighted the impotence of interdependence among sectors. “Educatio is interdependent on health, health is interdependent on Agriculture, Agriculture is interdependent on migration, migration is interdependent on health and so on so forth. Issues of Cross country connects of migration is important. One country cannot make a policy in isolation. The problems in South Asia is interconnected, so also in the globalised world. These issues are not just related to migration, but in every sector.

Prof. Chaturvedi has emphasised that the cross connection between Agriculture and migration is important in Indian context. Agriculture pushes people from the sector as it is not remunerative as compared to other sectors. It is very important to modernise agriculture and bring new skills so that the people in the sector can be contained. Otherwise, the uneven migration may destabilise the other sector. He gave the example of cities such as Delhi not able to absorb more migrant in recent years. Same is the situation in the USA and Europe at the International level. It is very important to understand the inter-sectoral relation foe a wholistic policy leading to sustainable development. 

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