India’s strength lies in Demography, Democracy and Demand: Dr. D. Mulay

Published Date:   Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017

Dr. D. Mulay, Secretary (CPV and OIA), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, in his opening remark at the jointly hosted India-EU Cooperation Dialogue on Migration and Mobility at New Delhi on 26th September 2017 by ILO, European Organization and International Centre for Migration Policy Development talked about the fascinating world in which people are leaving in the contemporary period. None of the people, who claim to belong to the place they are, actually belongs there. By saying this, he pointed towards the changing nature of dynamics, opportunity and challenges. Each of these has abundant opportunity which needs to be explored. He mentioned that India’s strength lies in Demography, Democracy and Demand. He elaborates it by mentioning that Make in India is a big brand now, India is the largest mobile data market, India-EU has complementary skills, Indian skilled manpower can fill the labour gap in EU, Quality vocational training in India has aimed to enhance the quality of skill of the people, pre-departure orientation programs are being organized etc. These complementarities needs to be mapped out and there is a need to develop long term vision to increase dialogue. There has to be an active engagement to facilitate and understand the movement of labour going out and coming back to the country. Through VideshSampark, ILO and other stake holders holds consultation with state government to prevent trafficking, monitor skilled migration and prevent activities of fraudulent agents. Citing some important data, he mentions that 90% of migrants are economic migrants. Out of which 37% are highly skilled. These migrants contribute approximately 6.7 million of global GDP. Therefore, in long term, both the sending as well as receiving country is going to be benefited from the process of migration. Therefore, the government needs to prioritize the welfare and promotion of Indians abroad. The new milestone which needs to be achieved should be based on the idea that no person should suffer abroad. Therefore, India would like to work with partner countries to assist Indian nationals. He mentioned some of the important steps taken in this direction by government of India, which includes 24x7 helpline number, e-governance, migration management, ease of visa etc. He concludes by stating that connectivity has blurred the spatial distance and India is interested in tapping EU market. Given the complementarity of two sides, India looks forward to collaboration and dialogue.

A Report by Tasha Agarwal

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