Global Talent Mobility, Migration and Migration Law

Published Date:   Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018

The 6th Migration Law Forum

Global Talent Mobility, Migration and Migration Law


Migration of Talent has become an important issue in recent years. Even though there are increasing restrictions on human mobility, there is renewed vigour by many countries to attract talent through network and brain chain. China’s strategy to mobilise talent is one of the most important case for study in recent years. The recently concluded conference of the 6th Migration Law Forum under the theme “Global Talent Mobility, Migration and Migration Law” at Presidential Beijing Hotel, Beijing on 9th June 2018 gathered scholars, entrepreneurs and students from worldwide. The conference was convened by Professor Guofu Liu, School of Law, Beijing Institute of Law, China, hosted by Centre for China and Globalisation (CCG) and the School of Law, Beijing Institute of Technology. The conference was organised in partnership with about a dozen other institutes and Universities within China.

The main objective of the conference was to identify the new situation of Chinese international migration, analyze the development of Chinese migration law and policy, and explore the change of migration law and policy in the world. Scholars, officers and practitioners in international migration, migration law and relevant fields are invited.

More than 200 participants, some of them belonged to Chinese diaspora have participated in the conference. The conference constituted several sessions i.e Opening Ceremony, Inauguration, Keynote Speeches and about 20 parallel sessions.

The Opening ceremony was chaired by Dr. Lv Miao, Founder Secretary General of CCG who broadly emphasised the importance of building human resources for China’s development. Other dignitiaries includes Xian He, Former Vice Minister, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Yibo Shen, China Immigration Administration Bureu, Jian Zhao, Vice Principle, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council Cadre School, Minhua Liu, Director, Beijing Centre for Human Resource Research, Dr. Huiyao Wang, President CCG and Weizu Song, Co-Chair, Chinese Democratic  League Beijing Muncipal Committee. All of them broadly talked about the strategy and mobilisation of talent for building China’s development keeping in view the new challenges of globalisation. There was special emphasis on Chinese diaspora’s role in mobilising finance, talent and cultural resources.

A New Migration Research Center at CCG was also inaugurated in the event. Dr. Huiyao Wang, Director, Prof. Tao Fang, Vice Director and Dr. Lv Miao, Vice Director also addressed the gathering and spoke about the importance of managing migration for mobilising talent. There are half a dozen other speakers too who have spoken on the issue of migration and talent mobilisation.

This was followed by Keynote speeches. The session was moderated by Professor Shuying Liang, International Law School, China University of Political Science and Law. Speakers include Huiyao Wang, president CCG, Xiaohuang Yin, Dean, School of Foreign Studies, Occidental College, Bjorn Ahl, Professor and Chair, Institute of East Asian Studies, Cologne University (Germany), Linsong Li, Director Society for Research on the Exchange and Development of International Professionals. They spoke on a range of themes that includes (1) Development of Talents Policies in China during 40 Years of Reform and Opening up”, (2) The Cross-National Nationalist Sentiment of American Chinese”, (3) Labour Rights of International Migrants in China”, (4) Research and Exploration on Foreigners” Integration into China.


There are 10 panels that includes topics such as:

Global Talent Mobility and Recruitment Policies

Innovation, Returnees, Foreign Students and Skilled Migrants

Global Migration, Governance and Integration

Global Migration Governance, Immigration and Social Integration

Skilled Migration Law and Policy

Economic Migration Law, Labour Migrant Law and Nationality Law

Migration Administration System and Mechanism

Diaspora Law and Policy

Refugee Law, Irregular Law and Border Control Law

Migration Governance of Law, Migrant Integration and Migration Agency

The paper by Dr. Sadananda Sahoo, India titled "Women Migation from India: Comparative Perspectives on Legal and Policy Challenges" also touched upon experiences of Asian countries with regards to Women migration, received very good comments.

The Conference ended with a brief summary of the presentation by several rapporteurs followed by critical remarks and vote of thanks by Prof. Guofu Liu, the convener, School of Law, Beijing Institute of Technology.

Report by Dr. Sadananda Sahoo






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