Finland Conference on Immigration to delve deeper into the issue

Published Date:   Saturday, Apr 20, 2013

A conference on the theme “Immigration, Toleration, and Nationalism” will be organised during 30-31 May 2013 at the University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland. The event will jointly be sponsored by Moral and Social Philosophy, University of Helsinki, The Philosophical Society of Finland, The Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics, Georgia State University, USA

The debate on immigration is growing worldwide especially the current debate in USA policies on the issue. Though immigration is a natural process and there is clear evidence of its correlation with the social, economic and cultural development, yet there are serious barriers to facilitate the process. These barriers often cause large-scale cost to the human being, community as well as humanity. While on the one hand there are issues related to border that mediate between people and resources, on the other hand, every nation have to come in terms with the more human approach in the globalised world to promote employment, human freedom, justice and resource generation, innovation to march towards the path of progress and prosperity. The conference will explore the ethical and political dimensions of immigration have recently come to the fore in political philosophy and theory. The conference will also explore the challenges to prevailing conceptions of group identity, political authority, and cultural difference.

The key note speakers of the conference include David Miller, Professor of Political Theory, University of Oxford and Official Fellow in Social and Political Theory, Nuffield College, Oxford who will be speaking on “Neutrality, Toleration, and the Cultural Claims of Immigrants” and Samuel Scheffler, University Professor, Professor of Philosophy and Law, New York University who will be speaking on  “Immigration and Justice”.

The conference intends to throw more light on the immigration issues and add insights to the current policy debates on immigration across the globe especially in USA and Europe. For more details visit:

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