Global civil society invites governments to collaborate on international migration and development

Published Date:   Thursday, Aug 01, 2013

The UN General Assembly which had its meeting on 16th July brought together more than 300 representatives of grassroots, regional and international civil society organizations, 100 representatives of governments, UN agencies and other international organizations to discuss the action plan for the long term collaboration on International Migration and Development (HLD)

The day long Hearings focused explicitly on four key issues put forward in civil society’s 5-year agenda: [1] migrant labour and mobility, [2] migrant rights and protection, [3] human development and diaspora action and [4] migration governance and partnerships.

The civil society has been emphasising on greater collaboration among all stake holders to facilitate the eight point agendas, namely:

(1)   Regulating the Recruitment Industry, (2)   Migrants Stranded in Distress, (3)   Migration and the Post-2015 Development Agenda, (4)   Rights and Contributions of Diaspora Communities, (5)   Labour Rights for Migrant Workers, (6)   Rights for Migrant Women, (7)   Exchange of Promising Practices in National Legislation, (8)   Institutional Mechanisms of Migration

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