Festschrift release in honour of Prof. Ravindra K.Jain

Published Date:   Saturday, Feb 01, 2014

A book release event was organised in honour of Prof. Ravindra.K. Jain, a renowned Social Anthropologist and Diaspora scholar on 27 January 2014 at JNU. The event was organised by Dr. Renuka Singh the editor of the book “ Dual Identity: Indian Diaspora and Other Essays”. Prof., Maitreiyi Choudhury, Chairperson of the Centre for the Study of Social System formally introduced about the event and highlighted the works of Prof. R.K. Jain, especially Jain’s work on Plantation workers in Malaysia. Prof. S.K. Sopory, VC of JNU graced the occasion with his remark on the importance of the diaspora across the globe. Eminent scholars such as Prof. T. K. Oomen, Prof. K.L. Sharma, Prof. Vinod Khadria, Prof. Anand Kumar, Prof. Vivek Kumar participated in the panel discussion and highlighted the importance of diaspora in the globalised world and its impact on culture, politics, economy and development of nations.

The book which was released formally in the occassion is a collection of essays written by eminent scholars drawn from various disciplines. It   focuses on different dimensions of Indian Diaspora and reflects on concept of Diaspora, nature of migration, ethnic divides and tensions, linkages with the homeland.  The book is replete with case studies from different parts of the globe to explain the phenomenon called Diaspora.  It carries discussion on how ‘site’ becomes ‘space’ in the Diasporic cultural sphere, process with in Dalit Diaspora and so on and so forth.

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