Indian Diaspora A Bibliography

Author:   Prakash C. Jain, Sadananda Sahoo, and Feroz Khan
Publisher:   GRFDT
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International migration, voluntary or forced, has been the key factor in the formation of a diaspora which can be defined as an ethnic minority group of migrant origins residing and acting in host country but maintaining strong sentimental and material links with its homeland. Economic liberalisation and globalization has further given impetus to international migration and diaspora formations. As globalisation implies a worldwide financial, economic, technological and ecological interdependence, people, goods, capital, culture, knowledge, beliefs, communication, fashions, crime, pollutants, etc. can also readily flow across national territorial boundaries. So much so that some scholars argue that globalisation is leading to the emergence of “the first global civilization” – a discrete world-order with shared socio-cultural values, processes and structures

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