Regional Development: Diasporas role and challenges

Author:   Sadananda Sahoo and Feroz Khan
Publisher:   GRFDT
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Diasporas’ role in homeland development is a contested subject globally. On the one hand, their role in development through the knowledge transfer, investment, philanthropy, on the other hand, just opposite engagement such as their role in creating conflict in the homeland is equally recognizable. The role of diaspora in the IT revolution in India’s development  on the one hand and the role of LTTE and the Khalistan movement pose a very contrasting picture of the diaspora homeland engagement. Indian diasporas are not a monolithic group; the true sense of Indian diaspora lies in their regional identity, mostly linguistically and culturally identified, such as Punjabis, Telugus, Tamil, etc. This paper tries to focus on the role of regional diasporas in the development process. As development is a vast concept that includess, both economic and non-economic components. 
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