Labour and Elite Diasporas: The Narrative of Nation-Building in India

Author:   Vijay Kumar Soni and Dr Sadananda Sahoo
Publisher:   GRFDT
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Migrant workers and diaspora share a unique relationship with their country of origin. They share a perennial sense of responsibility towards its development. While there is less skepticism about economic remittances, the political sphere is full of uncertainly to nation building process. This paper tries to understand the dynamics of diasporic engagement in the narratives of Nation-building in India.  The paper examines the power of dominant diaspora group within the Indian diaspora in influencing narrative of nation building.  The study is part of an ongoing research and is based on secondary data. The study finds that the Elite Diaspora is much influential in setting the narrative through their visibility in media and political clout. However, the labour diasporas in India are much more impactful in their contribution to rural transformation in a large scale.

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