Indian Diaspora Organizations in Singapore and Their Role in Promoting Community Integration

Author:   Aparna Tripathi
Publisher:   GRFDT
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Indian Diaspora 9% of the entire population of Singapore and making them Singapore’s third huge ethnic group (Singapore in Figures, 2018).There are many Indian political, social, economic, cultural and religious Indianorganizations in Singapore. These organizations are made with the objective of unity within the particular community and bring Indians on one platform to attach with the roots of their homeland culture. These Indian organizations allow immigrants to recreate their cultural space and find others of similar backgrounds and experiences.Many immigrant associations also encourage their members to volunteer and engage in philanthropy.Some associations also organize talks to educate their members about local laws and how they differ from the laws at home.They seem to make a substantial effort to reach out to locals, invite them to their events, and participate in national events such as the annual Chingay Parade.Beyond establishing social ties with the local community and engaging in volunteer work, Indian Diaspora organizations educate their diverse local cultures. Most of these efforts can be attributed to Singapore’s multicultural policy, which preserves the right for different cultures to co-exist and allows immigrants to preserve their cultural identities. This commitment can also be attributed to Singapore’s framework for social cohesion, which encourages people of different ethnicities and backgrounds to unite and forge a collective sense of community.So, this paper aims to study the role of Indian Diaspora organizations in Singapore and how they work for community development in this regard.
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