A Study of EU’s Migration Governing Policy

Author:   Smriti Shukla
Publisher:   GRFDT
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Migration studies is an interdisciplinary field thatdraws on sociology, anthropology,history, economics, law and post-colonial studies. The numerous causes of migration ranging from socio-political, economic to ecological nature, has enriched the discipline further. As the discipline is evolving, new debates are entering into the picture. One such debate isthe lack of focus of political theory on the ‘migration’, which is directly related to its singular focus on state, citizens and stateless society. Even though various political philosophers have faced migration, such as Hannah Arendt, F.Nietzsche Theodor Adorno; yet the field is still far from being developed holistically. The political theory restriction in terms of stepping up statelessness resulted in itsdiversion from one of the most intriguing and mainstream issues of Politics and International Relations in 21st century- Migration.
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