In-Migration: Identity, Conflicts & Challenges in Manipur

Author:   Pradeep C Nair
Publisher:   GRFDT
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The history of migration in Manipur can be classified as before and after the arrival of the British. Prior to the arrival of the British, Manipur was a princely state and its kingdom was extended up to Kabow Valley of present MyanmarMigrants are the resource as well as the source of resource conflicts in the state. It is commonly known in literature that Manipur culture was transformed from the Meitei society. This paper has two objectives: (1) historically contextualising the migration in Manipur and its impact on its socio-cultural arena especially on the Manipuri identity; (2) the issue of return migration during Covid 19.The study is based on secondary sources i.e. from census and other government reports. During the course of the study therefore, reference has been made to books, articles in newspapers and on the web besides also government data on population and migration.There have been many challenges faced by Manipur as a cause of migration. There was a fear psychosis created by certain civil society organisations of the state being demographically overwhelmed, which was not true. The consequence of which, however, was deepening of the divide that existed between various ethnic groups of the state.
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