Armenian Diaspora and the Quest for Armenian Genocide Recognition

Author:   Jason Wahlang
Publisher:   GRFDT
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One of the major roles of the diasporas is to act as a bridge between the population of the home country and the international arena. It also acts a lobby of foreign policy for the home country which helps to initiate its national interest in the region of its concerns.  Another role connected to the foreign policy and the home country is the maintenance of memory and recognition of various important events of the home country.
One such nation which has strong linkages between the memory, recognition and foreign policy is Armenia. One of the major components of the Armenian Foreign policy has been the recognition of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The Armenian Genocide Recognition has been a demand which has been a focus for by Armenians in Armenia as well as the diaspora for more than a century. The diaspora with respect to genocide recognition have played a very important role particularly seen in various countries including the United States of America, Russia and France.
Various organizations like the Armenian National Committee of America are prime example of diaspora involvement in the recognition process. Famous Armenians of the diaspora in the political sphere and social sphere play an important role in the recognition process. This article will focus on the role played by the Armenian diaspora when it comes to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide ranging from its successes to its various limitations and what is the future of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide with respect to the Armenian diaspora. 
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