Role of Indian Diaspora for Resetting Indo- Guyanese Relationship

Author:   Banditarani Behera
Publisher:   GRFDT
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In the Globalized world, Diaspora became a new soft power tool of India’s foreign policy to strengthen its relations with other countries. The people of Diaspora can create a link between the home country and the host country. Now Indian policymaker gives importance to this Diasporic group who are living in different parts of the world for the economic growth of India. In recent years Prime Minister Modi made it a point to articulately use the 25 million people spread across  135 countries in India’s internal and external policy formulation process.  Guyana is the only English-speaking country among all Caribbean countries. To the report of the Ministry of ternal ffairs  the total no of overseas Indians are in uyana  among them  are I and  are I. The presence of Indians in uyana has a long history. Indians are migrated to uyana from different states of India such as ttar radesh outhern India erala Tamilnadu and Telangana. Indians are the largest ethnic group in the mainland of Guyana. Both these countries once became the part of British Empire. In 1838 first time Indian immigrants going to ritish uyana to work in the sugar plantations. part from these historical relations both these countries have economic cooperation also have some cultural connections. Indian ministers are also many time visits this region and meet the Indian Diaspora. Both have signed so many programs and projects to develop their relations positively. Now, these two countries try to develop strong bilateral relations. Indian Diaspora living in Guyana is creating a bridge between these two countries for their future development process. There are many Indian Diaspora actively take part in the political participation of Guyana. Indian Diaspora act as a soft power for making bilateral bond and strong cultural ties between Indian and Guyana. They have played an important role in both the home country and the host country as well. Therefore, this paper aims to study and analyze the socio-economic conditions and political status of Indians in Guyana. Identify the demographic composition and cultural practices of Indo- Guyanese. Focus on the role of Indian Diaspora in India-Guyana relations and study the challenges and opportunities facing by the Indian Diaspora in Guyana. Finally, emphasis on the initiatives undertaken by the Indian government to connect with the Indian Diaspora for the improvement of India’s relations with Guyana. 

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