Role of Diaspora in Indo-Pak Peace Building: Arsala Nizami

Author:   Arshala Nizami
Publisher:   Global Research Forum on Diaspora and Transnationalism
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GRFDT Research Monograph Series III


This paper throws light on the efforts of South Asian diaspora in the US in building peace between their home countries. Diasporas have always been considered as actors having an influence on the politics and economy of the hostland. However, this image of diasporas is getting blurred and what comes out as a clear picture is of the diasporas, who along with influencing host politics, affect policies at home as well. Not only do they affect policies, they also play a crucial role in conflicts back home. Therefore, the objective is to analyse the initiatives taken by Indian and Pakistani diasporas in pro-moting peace and reducing hostility in the region. Specific aims of the paper are: 

To examine the effect of political lobbying of diasporas on Indo-Pak relations. 

To understand the role of diasporas in inter-state conflicts and its resolution. 

To analyse the work and activities of diasporic peace building organisations 

In order to accomplish the objectives, South Asian diaspora organisations, their activi-ties and effects of political lobbying have been analysed through interactions with re-source persons, content analysis of electronic news, analysis of their websites, news bulletins and discussion forums. Following organisations have been studied : USINPAC, PakPAC, GOPIO, NFIA, ACHA, INSAF, Erasing Borders, SAPAC, 1947 partition archives etc 

The paper suggests that South Asian diaspora in the US is continuously engaged in promoting peace between the two belligerents through peaceful walks, campaigns, news 

bulletins, conferences, talks, workshops, student exchanges, discussion forums etc, which has yielded some degree of success. But, the fact remains that the process has not made a substantial impact perhaps because it is still in its nascent stage and re-quire persistent and enduring efforts. 


About Author

Arsala Nizami is a Ph.D research scholar at the School of Interdisciplinary and Trans-disciplinary studies (SOITS), IGNOU, New Delhi. She completed M.A in Conflict Analy-sis and Peacebuilding from Jamia Millia Islamia and B.A(prog) from Lady Sri Ram Col-lege, DU. Her Ph.D work is on Indo- Pak conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Her in-terest areas cover peace and conflict studies, diaspora, South Asian conflicts, gender studies etc. She has presented many national and international seminars on the afore-mentioned themes. 


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